C2Auctions works with a variety of software platforms, and can help you choose the auction software platform that best meets your needs.

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     Proprietary Databases

Our Services

Pre-Event, C2Auctions can help you: 

  • Connect you with vendors who provide unique 
  • auction items and experiences
  • Enter item and attendee data
  • Produce donor solicitation letters
  • Design and produce your auction catalog
  • Design and produce event-day collateral such as bid cards and registration packets
  • Provide support for your online auction

Post-Event, C2Auctions can help you:  

  • Clean your database
  • Charge credit cards
  • Produce receipts and thank-you letters
In addition to event-day support, C2Auctions provides strategic consulting services to launch, streamline, or grow auction fundraisers. Consulting services include:

  • Analyzing past auction performance;
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce expenses and increase revenues;
  • Setting financial goals and develop data-driven plans of action;
  • Training solicitors;
  • Developing Fund-a-Need participation, including systematic   pre-solicitation of those gifts; and
  • Implementing a cultural shift from fundraising to philanthropy.

For organizations with limited staff and volunteers, C2Auctions offers pre- and post-event administrative support on a project-based or an hourly basis.