Exclusive Auction Items at Your Finger Tips

What are the must-have auction items this season? From our experience at C2Auctions- the most “must-have” item is something only YOU can get. Have your kids always dreamed of making up a silly rule for the day for everyone at the school to obey? Can your organization host the winning bidder on a once in a lifetime experience seeing your work in action? The more unique and special the item is, the better it will do.

Check out the tips below for unique ideas. The most exclusive auction item could be something you already have within your team.

1.       Personal services: Ask your staff, board, committee if they have any special talents.

  • Babysitting by a favorite teacher

  • A party hosted by your board president for the winner and 10 friends at the board president’s house

  • Birthday cakes or office cookies from a staff member who has a party chef side hustle.

  • A certificate good for 4 hours of IT support from your IT specialist.

2.       Unique community experiences: Think about whether there is an experience that “money” can’t buy, but your creative team could put together.

  • Lunch with a respected supporter

  • Behind-the-scenes with a local broadcaster.

  • An exclusive “internship” or volunteer experience at your organization or shadowing an influential board member.


3.       Once-in-a-lifetime experiences: Explore celebrity experiences, exotic trips, or other outside of the box packages.        

  • Dinner for 8 cooked by a celebrity chef in your own home

  • Baseball tickets in the same box as the mayor.

  • An opportunity to conduct the symphony or a walk on role in a local play.


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Christopher OShea