We offer three flat rate packages to meet the needs of your organization.

All packages include a C2Auctions Event Manager, who will serve in the lead registration and settlement role at your auction, an Item Distribution Manager, who is responsible for managing silent auction closing and guest checkout, and a team of additional staff members sized to comfortably and efficiently accommodate the number of anticipated guests and auction items. Packages start at $6,000.

Additional Services

Live Auctioneer

Add a Team Member

Item Solicitation

Custom services


Basic Package


Our most common product is our Basic Package, which is suitable for events with up to 400 guests and up to 150 silent auction items. As the Basic Package includes limited pre-event support, it is recommended as a complement to organizations with a permanent advancement team or dedicated event staff.


Plus Package


For events supported primarily by volunteers, organizations with smaller advancement teams, and organizations launching an auction for the first time, we offer our Plus Package, which provides regularly-scheduled pre-event support and consultations to assist your team in developing strategies to maximize revenue, build internal systems and timelines, and adhere to best auction fundraising practices.


Platinum Package

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In addition to the services outlined in the Basic and Plus packages, our Platinum Package offers comprehensive pre-event administrative support so your team's efforts can remain focused at the highest levels of event planning and execution.